2018 Clacton Carnival Queen Kimberley Sears

Hello everyone! I am so happy to tell you I am Carnival Queen for 2018 with my two princesses, Megan Shepherd and Sophie Youell. I go to Clacton Coastal Academy and I am in Year 10, and my wonderful princesses are both in Year 7. If I am not at school you will find me at dance. My dance group is called Alliance and we won the British Winterguard Championships last year. I am also staff for the younger children. Anyway, that's enough about me! Now I want to say a big well done to my Carnival Princesses - these girls are so lovely and I cannot wait to meet them again soon!

Kimberley xo


Last night was amazing, it was selection night! Despite being a little nervous I was so excited for the Queens to go up. Afterwards I was having so much fun I think I didn't sit down once until the 2018 Carnival Court was announced!

When I was announced as Clacton Carnival Queen for 2018 I was so happy for myself and my new princesses! I want to say a big thank you to the judges and everyone that helped as well - I know me, Sophie and Megan all enjoyed the event so much.

Kimberley xo 


I woke up so excited still trying to take it all in from last night, but today was our photoshoot for the newspaper. I couldn't wait to meet my princesses again - even though it was starting to rain we were all still so happy. We went into the Boardwalk to discuss the carnivals and have a chat about the dress fittings! I cannot wait for our first dress fitting in the Easter holidays, when I get to meet up with my princesses and the Carnival team again!

After having a talk inside and swapping phone numbers the rain had come to an end so we went outside to take our photos! We walked to the pretty flower gardens and took some pictures there with our crowns and tiaras on for the second time ever. The pictures were so nice and I can't wait to see them in the newspaper soon. That's it for now!

Kimberley xo 


Today me and my princesses had our first dress fitting. When I arrived at Lacey's Bridal Boutique at 9:30, I saw Megan and Sophie again and I was so excited to get started so we went upstairs to start discussing the dress style and colours for this year. We were excited to hear that our dresses are going to be a different style this year compared to last year's, as you will see in June!

Kimberley xo


This morning I was picked up by Carol for the Carnival colouring competition launch at Rascals. I was excited to see my princesses again at our first event together. Unfortunately the turn out was poor but despite this we still had a great time meeting the Rascals characters and getting to know each other. Thank you to Rascals, who looked after us so well and gave us all a fabulous morning. I had lots of fun with my new Carnival family.

Kimberley xo