2014 Clacton Carnival Queen Chyanne Hooks


My name is Chyanne Alice Hooks, but to my friends and family I’m known as Chy. I will be representing Clacton as this year’s Carnival Queen with my two princesses, Teegan and Mia. I’m 17 and currently studying for my A-levels in Maths, English Literature and Drama & Theatre Studies at Tendring Technology College. I hope to go on to university to study Theatre and Entertainment (Events) Management.

When I’m not at school, I spend a lot of my time volunteering as a stage manager and follow spot operator at the West Cliff Theatre, Clacton. Recently I helped with an Abba Tribute Band Tour and next month I’m working with Jimmy Cricket, the old school Comedian that often comes down to Clacton. I also help with a local amateur dramatic group called The Mad about Theatre Company both on stage and behind the scenes. Well, I say behind the scenes but for the next show I will be on front of house duty.

I have helped out with the carnival for several years (seven to be exact) with my Girl Guide Unit, 1st Clacton-on-Sea. This was my first entrée as Carnival Court and was a very big surprise that I was chosen. My friends, including my guiders said I should go for it and so I did.

I want to say a big thank-you to everyone that helped with the selection night; the judges, the marshals, the compares, the committee, the Tavern Bar and Rodger’s Roadshow for the music (Sorry if I missed anyone out).  I also want to say a very big thank-you to my best friend Chloe, who came with me and supported me on the night. I can’t wait to be working with some really wonderfully people and I’m sure that we’ll all have fun.


Photo-shoot for the Clacton Daily Gazette

It still feels really surreal, but it was a lot of fun. The morning after being crown the Carnival Court 2014 Teegan, Mia and I along with our chaperones Niki, Carol and Amy met a Clacton Pier for a photo-shoot with a photographer for the Clacton Daily Gazette. I’ve never really done a photo-shoot for a newspaper; I’ve been in the newspaper before for such things as St. Helena Hospice sports day but the photos for that was more a capture the moment thing.

Afterwards we all went for a coffee and a chat. I really appreciated that because it gave me a chance to get to known the team better. I still felt a little bit nervous, but after that I felt more relaxed.

Thanks everyone, xxx.

(13th April, 2014)

Only Cowards Carry Fundraiser

For our first outing/ duty as this year’s carnival court we were invited to attend the Only Cowards Carry fundraiser at the Clacton Football ground and club. Teegan and Mia were very excited because we got to meet Sam Callahan from the Xfactor 2013 straight after his performance. We stood on the side of stage while he performed, which was a really cool experience despite me not knowing who he was (sorry Sam fans). We also got to meet Lydia Lucy also from Xfactor the same year. I felt quite honoured to be invited to the fundraiser, especially as this charity is close to my heart. I went to the same college as Jay. I didn’t know him fully, just another familiar face round the school but I didn’t feel right without him there. I’m so glad that so many people turned out to make it such an amazing event.

…Still thinking about you Jay. xxx


Little Clacton Carnival

Today was our first carnival procession and the first time we got to see the float. I love it. Debbie Davey and Jenine did an amazing job. I didn’t expect it. The flowers and the bunter was a real sweet treat.

Despite it being small it was a lot of fun. Waving and greeting people, even if some shouted abuse like “why aren’t you revising” (thanks Hannah). There weren’t any other courts or floats (apparently there was supposed to a float for a group but it broke down). I think what made this even more special, especially for Teegan was how dedicated people were to coming to see us. Teegan’s Nan and Uncles ad flown in from Malta just to see her; they didn’t even tell her mum that they were coming. #family_love  


Poster Competition

 Wow, I didn’t realise how many people take part in the yearly poster competition let alone how many get to win a certificate. There were a lot of families and friends that turned up with smiling faces, well almost. I feel sorry for the younger sibling who didn’t win that had to turn up to support the older one. But not as sorry as I was for the little girl that had one, but couldn’t turn up because she had chicken pox. Bless, her dad turned up to collect the certificate for her.

Thank-you to Caroline and the staff at Space Kingdom for supporting the Carnival and for the vouchers for the poster winners. xxx


Brightlingsea Carnival

Today was our first big carnival, competing against other courts for trophies and titles. Mandy and Carol picked us up at about half past ten and we were there for about eleven. The other courts looked so beautiful all dressed up in their snowy white dresses and brightly coloured princess (and prince for Great Bentley). I was a little bit nervous and shy at first but it was so obvious that the other girls were feeling the same that I soon felt at ease. At twelve o’clock, after walking around and talking to the other courts we were judged.  The judges were so friendly.

Thank-you Brightlingsea committee for inviting us, the judges for awarding us 2nd prize for Carnival Queen and Charlie for being so warming today. Congratulations to Braintree for winning 1st for Queen and Princesses, Walton for winning 1st place for best float, 2nd place float Coggeshall and 3rd prize Carnival Queen Burnham-on-Crouch.  Can’t wait to see you all again next week at Great Bentley. xxx


Greatly Bentley Carnival

  I had heard that Great Bentley Carnival was popular, but I didn’t realise how popular. There were quiet a lot of visiting courts, several had travelled a fair way to get there like Invicta Kent and Horsley. Great Bentley’s Carnival Queen is part of the guild so there were courts that belong to the guild as well. They were all so friendly. Great Bentley’s court is so adorable. There Queen has got to be younger than Mia and the Queen’s brother is the Prince of the Court.

  The weather held off for the procession which meant there were a lot of people about. It would have been an amazing fate as well. A fun world had rolled in with rides like spinning cups and waltzes, etc.; shame that the storm clouds had to roll in as well. It hammered it down just as we pulled into the arena. We were quickly rushed up some stairs to this flatbed lorry where seating was placed for us to watch the organisations collect their trophies. Yay, Girl Guides won something. Afterwards we all huddled into a gazebo for tea. We were so packed in that nobody dared to move. It was raining so hard that nobody wanted to risk it and run for the toilet. Shame because it would have been an amazing day.



Witham Carnival

  It’s funny how the other courts are introduced to the public. Witham changes over courts on the day of the procession, meaning that they had two courts, 2013 and 2014 in the procession at the same time. In that way it’s kind of sad because it means that one court is not the main focus of the procession and that we had to say goodbye to Queen Alice (L). Oh well, it was still a nice day. The weather held off (yay!).

  Again, this was quiet a popular carnival, or it may have been well supported by the local companies with floats. Another reason why today was sad was because that during that week the local football club lost their chairman. There was a two minute silence in his memory.

  After the procession we walk as a large group into an arena where we watched the majorette’s parade in and then be rewarded their trophies/awards. We then went into the Masonic Hall for Queen’s Tea. Why is it called Queen’s Tea? The Princesses and Marshalls and Chaperones attend as well! Oh well.




Today Teegan, Mia and I went to help Debbie West sell raffle tickets at Morrison’s Supermarket. It felt a bit weird walking round a supermarket in full dress. You don’t normally see someone walking round in a ball gown, do you? We thought it was best, and we felt more comfortable selling tickets outside the building. Unfortunately we were competing against an animal trust charity that was trying to get donations. We still managed to sell a lot of tickets including full books in one go. I think I surprised Teegan and Mia a bit because I started to sound like a market trader shouting out deals. J


B&M Opening

Yay, we got to attend the B&M store opening at the Waterglade Shopping Park.  It was already busy by the time we got there at about quarter to nine. The queue was stretching half way round the B&M side of the car park. It was a lot of fun. We got to look round the store before the public got in. The staff all seemed really friendly. We then went outside to have photos with the staff, the managers and the RNLI who were also invited. The Managers, well one of them got to cut the ribbon. After photos we went inside to welcome the customers in. Just before we went home the managers gave us a bunch of flowers each, which was very kind of them.



 CLACTON CARNIVAL TIME! Finally it’s our procession. And what’s even better is that we got sponsored. So at eleven o’clock Teegan, Mia and I met to go get are hair and make-up done at Ultraviolet. Then it was off home for a couple of hours before the main event.

 At about half past three Mandy and Carol picked us up and took us down to the field next to the airfield where the procession was to start. Unfortunately for this year someone forgot to tell the annual circus when Carnival is because they were also on the field as we were. Other than that everything was fine. We had many floats and organisations taking part all dressed up in costumes and/or themes from fairy tales. We had quite a few visiting courts as well; some had even done Mersey Carnival the same day and then rushed to ours. There were loads of people turned up to watch us as well.

  I think I kind of embarrassed Mia a little at the Queen’s Tea. It’s her birthday tomorrow so I got the other courts and marshals that were in the hall to sing her happy birthday. The food which was organised by the ladies of the Inner Circle was amazing. Homemade cakes and decorations! The Queens got to keep the flowers that were placed on the table. Thank-you Ladies and Alan Primmer for organising a brilliant procession, the chaperons and the marshals and any-one else I’ve forgotten. 


MIA’s Birthday

Sunday Show and Family Fun Day

Despite the weather, today was a lot of fun. Okay, so we didn’t make us much money as predicted because not so many people turned up, but those that did seemed to enjoy it. A lot of the marshals had to run the stalls as the organisations that signed up to do it pulled out because of the weather so the field was a sea of yellow high vis. Jackets but we all had a laugh. The dog show was thoroughly enjoyed. Shame it was too windy for the birds to be flown otherwise that would have been the main attraction.


Donkey Derby Night

Today’s weather was a lot better, so a lot more people turned out for the Donkey Derby. This event normally attracts more people than the family fun day, but not as much as the fireworks. I love the donkeys, well I love most animals. We got to start off the races and give out the rosettes as well, which was a lot of fun. Of course there was the annual dad’s race as well, though this year a mum had signed up to run it as well. Good for her, why should it be just a male thing. After watching the dad race Teegan thought it would be a good idea if we had a race. Obviously I came last; I’m not so good at running in wellie boots. Mia took the short cut and ducked under the racing lines.  Hopefully we raised a fair bit of money through tonight’s event. Some of mine and Teegan’s friends won a few of the races.


Bowling at the Pavilion

I love playing bowling, even more when I get to play in order to raise money for charity. There were quite a few teams which was also a good thing. More competition, (yay) more money raised. During the evening Teegan, Mia and I were walking round selling raffle tickets which was also fairly popular. It was a little difficult because we could only sell raffle tickets to those who were bowling as part of the carnival. Tuesday nights is half prize bowling night at the Pavilion, which meant that there were a lot of groups and families who were not there for the carnival. It was difficult because it was hard to tell who was with which organisation. Oh well, I think everyone had a great night out all round. I think it’s funny how the carnival juniors beat all the adult teams and that it was a carnival committee group that one. Teegan, Mia and I were also part of a committee team; the Queen’s team, consisting of Amy, Kim, Emma, Teegan, Mia and I. That meant we had queens from 2011-2014.




Beach Day

Today was one of those split days; an event at about midday and then another one in the evening. First it was the children’s sand castle competition of the second beach from the pier. There were some really amazing ideas. Many families came prepared with trawls and dolls for decorations. It was really difficult to judge them. Amy and I judged the pairs, while Teegan, Kimberley and Mia judged the other three categories. Some castles were theme, for instance there was a tropical island one which had volcanos attached to it. Five of the fifteen/sixteen pairs decided to make sculptures. There were two elephants, a mermaid with a seaweed tail, a turtle also made out of seaweed and a whale which was decorated with stones that represented the barnacle that sometimes grows on real whales. Afterwards there was a hula-hoop competition. They made it look so easy and effortless.

In the evening it was time for the egg throw competition and the Beer & Juice dig. There were a lot of people that turned out for this, mostly men. The crowd was so busy that I kept loosing Teegan and Mia in amongst the people.  It was a lot of fun watching people throwing the eggs, well it was more their reactions when the eggs broke either on the hands or sometime in their hair. The beer dig seemed a lot harder than I thought. It seemed to take ages for all, or most of the tickets to be found. Well at least the cash prize token was found. Overall, it was a fantastic night.



Fete & Fireworks

(Results Day)

Scary day for both Kimberley and I; it’s a-level results day, but lucky for both of us as we’ve both got into our top chosen university. Well Institute in my case.  

Anyway, back to carnival. It’s the big event. Ok second big event, next to the procession. Tonight was the mammoth fete and fireworks. Stalls were up and running, displays were up and everything seemed to be running smoothly. Well, it seemed it from where Teegan, Mia and I were standing by the East Cliff Gate selling raffle tickets. Those that I spoke to seemed to be enjoying the evening. It wasn’t until it was time to set the fireworks off that we became aware of the problem. I’m slightly unsure of what the problem was and I don’t want to speculate so I won’t say anything. When the display went off, it was very pretty. It didn’t flow properly, but I suppose that was caused by whatever the problem was.

After the fireworks, it was time to draw the cash prize raffle. Three prizes, three winners, three members of the court. I pulled out the first place ticket, while Teegan and Mia pulled out second and third. Then it was home for bed before getting up for the final day of Clacton carnival events.

Well done Kimberley for getting into University.



Children’s fancy Dress Competition & Quiz Night

Another split day of events. In the early afternoon it was the children’s fancy dress. There was a wide range of costumes ranging from Disney princess dresses to people going out of their way to make full blown outfits. Someone came as a Lego character with a bucket with holes cut in for the head. There was Peter Pan’s shadow as well, which was mainly consisted of a black morph suit with black accessories. George, who played the shadow, won overall which was obviously well deserved. A Rapunzel with a cardboard cut-out tower which also won a different category.

After being home for a couple of hours rest it was time for the charity quiz night. It was very popular; 27 teams of maximum six. To start off with Teegan, Mia and I were walking round selling raffle tickets, which was yet again rather popular. Our main duty of the night was to collect the answer sheets after each round and the jokers for the up-coming round. It was a little tight getting round and in between, which made it tricky to not get anything down our dresses because we wouldn’t have time to get them washed before tomorrow’s carnival at Walton. I think we came off unscathed. In the end I think tonight was very successful.



Walton Carnival Procession

Another Carnival Procession and another one with good weather. Okay it was a bit cold and breezy when the clouds passed over the sun, but it was alright if we wore our caps. Judging was very quick and subtle but I enjoyed watching the majorette’s displays. After the procession through town, ending in amongst the rides and park that had been set up, we walked through the Haven Caravan Park to the club house where we were going to have our Queen’s tea. There was a bit of a wait because they weren’t expecting us until about four, but it was alright as we spent our time talking to the other courts. Little Izzy, who had dressed up in a Alice-in-Wonderland costume (as she kept correcting people, because it wasn’t a dress; it was a costume) and had ridden of the float for the procession as our Rosebud Queen was running up and down the hill with Brightlingsea Rosebud playing it. I could just see one of them running into the wall or tripping over. I really liked the table decorations which were laid out when we went into the club house. Teegan and Mia kept arguing over who was going to keep the sweet jar. Oh well, it was a lot of fun.


Unfortunatly Chyanne Has had to Re-locate to liverpool For University and 2013 queen Kimberley has Kindly agreed to deputise for Her so the 2014 diary will continue on Kimberleys page Here