2015 Clacton Carnival Queen Kerry-alice

"Hiya, my name is Kerryalice, and I'm Clacton Carnival Queen 2015.

First off, I would like to thank the judges and Committee members for choosing me
to represent Clacton as Queen. I still can't believe it. I'm still taking it all

Secondly, I would like to tell you a bit about myself.
I'm home educated but very much look forward to starting at Thomas Gainsborough
Sixth Form in September.
My passions are acting, singing for charity, and tennis. I love nothing more than
meeting new people, and I look forward to getting to know more about the local
people and charities. I'm so excited for what this year will bring.

When I leave school, I want to be a journalist for the Gazette. I have a true love
for writing and reading.
There's so many interesting things going on locally, and I want to be able to
share it with everyone.
Clacton is an amazing place to live, and the Carnival is so community spirited.
Anyone can get involved, and that's one of the initial reasons I went for Queen.

I was lucky enough to be Carnival Princess in 2012. I had no idea what to expect
in the beginning, but I had the time of my life!
I really looked up to my Queen, Emma. I wanted to follow her lead.
She made me feel welcome, and that's how I want my two Princess's to feel.

Emmi and Georgia are two of the most loveliest girls I have ever met. They are so
caring, and they too can't wait to represent Clacton as your 2015 Carnival Court.

We are all looking forward to travelling across Essex, visiting other Carnivals
and attending lots of local events.

The one thing that has always stayed with me from 2012, are the memories of us
raising money for lots of wonderful charities and organisations.
Emmi and Georgia will be touched by the amazing work these people do.

Carnival week is always so magical! There's always something going on. It's like
the whole town comes together and celebrates. It's electrifying.
This year, the theme is Heroes and Villains.
We can't wait to see the variety of costumes and characters.

I'm inspired by Clacton, and that's the main reason I wanted to be your Queen.
Carnival is amazing, and I feel honoured to be apart of it.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my first diary entry.
I look forward to meting you all throughout the year.

Please come over and say hi to Emmi, Georgia and I.

We would love to hear from you.

 See you all soon.

Kerryalice :)

First official photo shoot, March the 28th

"Hello again,
Today Emmi-Lou, Georgia and I attended our first official Carnival Court photo shoot. It was amazing!

We met up at the pier, bright and early. I had barely gotten a wink of sleep the night before, due to all the excitement of being crowned Queen.

Seeing my Princesses again was what I had been most looking forward to. We had spoken at the selection night, but there was so much more I wanted to know about them.

The photographer was lovely. He was very accomadating. Nothing was too much trouble for him.
We were all made to feel relaxed and at ease by our fantastic chaperones, Amy, Carol and Mandy.

The photoshoot was completed within ten minutes. The photographer said he was more than happy with the photographs he had taken. I couldn't wait to see them!

Being that it was a frosty morning, we decided to go inside and keep warm whilst we discussed arrangements regarding dress fittings, dates for the diary, colour schemes, etc..
The Boardwalk Bar and Grill staff were fantastic. They opened up early, just for us.

As I got chatting to my Princesses and their families, I got to realise how friendly everybody was.

Our chaperones were so welcoming towards us.
They answered all our questions, listened to our ideas, and nothing was too much trouble for them.

I felt as though I had become apart of an extended family; my "Carnival Family".

We all sat there gigging with one another, sharing our stories and experiences. It was like a reunion with old friends.
I felt like I had known everyone for a lifetime.

We all swapped phone numbers and then said our goodbyes.
We all had the most amazing morning together.
I certainly couldn't wait to see everybody again.

Kerryalice xx"

First Dress Fitting April 2015

'Today the girls and I had our first dress fitting at Beautiful Brides. I was so excited!!

I went in to the shop to find Emmi-Lou, Georgia, Barbara, Amy, and Carol. It was fantastic to see everyone again. It felt like a lifetime since we had last seen each other.

All five of us talked through our ideas regarding dress styles and colour schemes.

Gemma, (one of the dress makers), was so helpful. She designed three dresses which had all our ideas incorporated.

On completion of finalising the finishing touches, all three of us got measured.
The fact we were talking dresses made Carnival seem so fast approaching. Everything was finally sinking in.

I can't wait to wear my dress for the first time!

The girls and I arranged to meet again. The next dress fitting we attend, we get to try on a basic outline of our dresses.
Although it may not be the finished look, it's still surreal to think of us wearing dresses that are fit for Royalty.

Being in Beautiful Brides took me right back to my dress fitting as Carnival Princess.
I remember being blissfully unaware of what to expect, yet it turned out to be one of the most memorable moments of 2012.

I still have my Princess dress, and no other dress can compare.

The sheer fact that we get to represent Clacton in these gowns makes it that extra bit magical.

One thing I can say, however early on in to my time as part of the 2015 Court, is that I will treasure my Queens dress for eternity.

Kerryalice :) xx'

Little Clacton Carnival 2015

'Today the girls and I attended our first Carnival, Little Clacton.

Carol and Mandy came to collect me, I was so excited about what the day would hold.

We arrived at Plough Corner, where all the floats were commencing.
The girls and I had our photos taken, and then we had the opportunity to speak with other Carnival participants.

Firstly, we spoke to the lovely Walton on the Naze Court, then we went on to chat with Princess Georgia's dance group, who were also taking part in the Carnival.

It was fantastic getting to know other local groups and organisations, as well as seeing our float for the first time ever!!

We received lots of compliments for our dresses and peach colour scheme.

The carnival procession was fabulous.
Smiling and waving to the crowds was so rewarding.
It was particularly heart warming to see the children's joyous faces.
My personal highlight of the day, was being told by a little girl that I am  Cinderella.
It was such a sweet thing for her to say, and a compliment I will both cherish and carry with me forever.

Princess Georgia, Princess Emmi-Lou  and I loved our first official carnival.

One thing is certain, we can't wait for our next one :)

Carnival Poster Competition

Georgia and I were invited along to the Carnival Poster Competition this evening.
Unfortunately, Emmi-Lou couldn't make it as she was on a school trip in Wales, but Georgia and I still had a lovely time presenting the children with their prizes.

The poster competition was held at Space Kingdom, which was a perfect venue for such a prestigious competition.
We even got to meet the venue's mascot, Buzz.
I particularly enjoyed having my photo taken with him.

Georgia and I chatted with the prize winners, everyone was so lovely.

The posters were all to a very high standard, and I can't begin to imagine the tough decision that the judges initially faced.

It was exciting getting to know everybody, and hearing how ecstatic everyone was about our upcoming carnival and events.

Georgia and I had a fantastic evening, what a fabulous start to the year :) x

Brightlingsea Carnival

Today my beautiful Princesses and I attended Brightlingsea Carnival.
The sun was shining, we already knew it was going to be a perfect day.

The girls and I spoke to the other courts and introduced ourselves to the Brightlingsea Carnival committee.
Everyone was so welcoming.

We got back on the float as judging was about to begin.
The judges were really lovely, and complimented us on our dresses.
They said that all three of us looked beautiful.

The results were finally in, Emmi-Lou and Georgia came 2nd in the Princess awards, and I was awarded Queen of Queens.
I couldn't believe it, I was beyond honoured!!

The procession proved a hit, everyone was out and enjoying the carnival spirit.
The girls and I loved smiling and waving to the wonderful crowds.

Brightlingsea may have been our first official carnival, but it was certainly one to remember.

Great Bentley

'Great Bentley carnival was fabulous today.

We arrived in the village to see that perpetrations for the street procession and fair were in full swing.

Judging took place, and the winners were decided.
Yet again, we had won an award; this time we had got a 2nd for Queens Float.
All of us were so proud.

The procession began, I saw so many people that I knew.

It was lovely seeing all the children's smiling faces, it's so rewarding.

Once again, it had been another amazing day.

Beach and Sea Festival

This evening Emmi-Lou, Georgia and myself attended the first official Clacton Beach Festival.

We began chatting with the public, but went on to sell raffle tickets as well as spades for the magnificent beer dig.

The girls and I absolutely loved getting to know the local people and sharing their excitement regarding our upcoming Carnival events.
We were also fortunate enough to speak with some of our Carnival sponsors who were extremely passionate about what us as a Court get up to throughout the summer.

It was an absolute honour to have attended this evening.
The weather was gorgeous, there was a great atmosphere, and it was most certainly a night to remember :)


Today we attended Witham Carnival, and what an amazing day it was. 

Firstly, I started the morning off by having my hair done. 
Pick up was bright and early, so the curlers were in from 7 am. 

Hair done, makeup done, dress on, I was ready. 

Once at Witham Carnival, the girls and I were greeted by the lovely Witham Court and began chatting with the other beautiful Queen's and Princesses. 
Everyone is always so kind. 

Judging began, we were greeted by the wonderful Mayer whom we enjoyed a fabulous conversation with. 

The results were in; I had won Queen of Queen's. 
The word honoured is an understatement. 

The Mayer said that he was impressed by me and that I had a bubbly personality, which was a delightful compliment to have received. 

The girls and I took part in the procession and everyone on the streets made it feel so electrifying. 
The energy was magical.

Witham Carnival 2015 was phenomenal and it's fair to say that we've made some extraordinary memories. 

Until next time, 
Kerryalice xx

Raffle ticket selling

This morning the girls and I were selling raffle tickets at Morrisons. 
It was an early start for us, and we were collected at 10 am. 

The most rewarding thing about selling raffle tickets, aside from gaining the Carnival association recognition and support, is that all proceeds from the sales go to local charities. 
It's such a humbling and reassuring thing to be apart of. 

Once at Morrisons, we were greeted by the lovely Debbie West, a valued member of the committee. 
Emmi-Lou, Georgia and myself stood outside the store selling tickets and distributing carnival schedule leaflets. 

Everyone was so lovely towards the girls and I. 
We received some of the most kindest compliments. 
Several people commented on how beautiful our dresses looked and they all said we looked lovely. 

The best part about being involved with the selling of raffle tickets is that you get to meet the local residents and can truly get involved within the local community. 

My beautiful princesses and I managed to raise £72 towards the end of year charity fund. 
It was such a wonderful thing to be invited along to, and I would love to do it again :) 

Clacton Carnival Procession;

'The day had finally arrived!
It felt as though we had been waiting a lifetime for our special moment.

The girls and I got up super early and headed off to Ultra-Violet, whom were kindly sponsoring the girls and I.
The lovely ladies at Ultra-Violet did our hair and makeup and made us feel like royalty. We loved it.
They did an excellent job :)

We were picked up and then headed off to the airfield (the meeting point for all floats).

The procession kicked off in style.
We waved to the streets of Clacton, it was a fantastic turn out.
It's as though I had never seen so many people standing together before.
It was electrifying.

The procession represented a true feeling of community spirit, it was amazing to be a part  of.

Procession over, we headed to Queen's Tea.
The very talented volunteers served us up a treat.
I honestly can't say I have ever tasted anything so delicious as what I did then.
Cakes, savoury foods, nibbles. We had the works.

I wish I could relive that special day, but one thing is certain, I will never forget how truly magical it was.

Carnival Fun day;

Georgia, Emmi-Lou and I attended the Carnival Fun day today, it was fabulous.

There was plenty to do and see.
My highlight had to be the dog display, but the snake encounter was also amazing.
The girls and I were given to opportunity to stroke rare, hard to come by snakes, it was incredible.

Stalls, tombolla's, food stands covered the show ground.
It was another brilliant turn out.

The girls and I decided to get matching carnival henna's.
We thought it would be unique.
We received lots of compliments.

Another fab day was had by all :)

Donkey Derby;

'Come on!!!' Was playing in my ears.
This was the sound of our local community getting together and cheering on their racing donkey.

The girls and I arrived at the carnival show ground where we were fortunate enough to get an up close view of the donkeys pre their races.
They were so calm and each of them loved having their photo taken, I couldn't believe it.

The totes filled up fast.
People were placing their bets.

As a family, we have been supporting Donkey Derby for many years.
Sponsoring donkeys and naming them has always been a highlight for me.

As Queen, I started the first race.
Watching the jockeys go at full speed was so exciting.

Donkey Derby is definitely one of my favourite events throughout carnival week.

Sandcastle competition;

The girls and I attended the carnival sandcastle competition this morning.

As Clacton Carnival Court, it's our job to judge all the competition entries.

Lots of children gathered around the entrance table, all desperate to start building.

The competition commenced.
Everyone was giving it their all. It was lovely to see.

At last, the moment of truth.
We had to judge the sandcastle competition.
It wasn't an easy job, everyone had given it their all.

Winners announced and it was now time for the hoola hoop competition.
I can't hoola hoop so I was completely in awe of everyone.
They were fantastic.

It has been a very enjoyable morning :)

Egg throwing and beer dig;

The girls and I sold raffle tickets to start with, but then went on to compete in the egg throwing.
Emmi-Lou and Georgia did very well and managed to keep a few catches between them.
Everyone was impressed.

A record went on to be broken by two local boys and they were awarded their prize.

As the evening commenced, so did the beer dig.
Everyone got involved which was lovely to see.

I ended up digging for a fruit shoot and I won!!
My little victory quite literally left me smiling the whole night long :)

Pitch and Putt;
Today we headed to our newest carnival event for 2015, Pitch and Putt.

The girls and I were lucky enough to play, although I shamefully wasn't very good.

There was a great turn out, and our carnival chairman was extremely good.
Princess Georgia was cheeky and thought it amusing to hide Paul's ball, it was hilarious.

We all had great fun and thoroughly enjoyed presenting the winners with their medals :)


I love bowling so carnival bowling night was 'right up my street'  

The girls and I were on a team together alongside our chaperones.
We were all very determined to win.

There was a great sense of team spirit throughout all the competitors and celebratory cheers filled the room continuously.

We didn't win, but a very talented team did.
The girls and I presented the team captain with their winning trophy.
Another great night.

Firework night;

Unfortunately the firework night was rained off.
We suffered torrential rain which was extremely upsetting as the firework display was going to be spectacular.

Fancy dress competition;

I loved being involved with the fancy dress competition this morning.

Everyone's costumes were amazing and all stood out.
The judges had a tough decision on their hands.

The girls and I presented the winners with their prizes.
It was very exciting.

We had another good morning :)

Quiz night;

The girls and I loved attending quiz night.

It was our job to collect in all the answer papers and jokers, as well as selling raffle tickets.
It was a brilliant job to have as we got charting to all the teams about who they were and their relationship to carnival.

The night was most interesting as we learnt lots of random facts too.

Our families got together and formed a team called 'The Royal Family'.
At one time they were in fourth place, we had our fingers crossed for them.

We finished the evening by receiving our cheques, and getting the opportunity to thank everybody.
My carnival money has gone towards helping Great Ormond Street Hospital where my brother is a patient.

Lastly, we presented the winners with their prizes.

We may have reached the end of carnival week, but we will all take away with us our very own personal memories that'll be treasured for always :)

Walton Carnival;
Today the girls and I attended Walton Carnival and what great fun we all had.

Firstly, it was a chance for us to see all the other courts, support another local carnival,

We won 3rd in best visiting court.
Such a lovely surprise.

The carnival procession was spectacular and everyone looked beautiful :)
This may have been Emmi-Lou's last carnival, but she embraced every second of it.
She will be throughly missed by all.

Great Dunmow Carnival;
The street procession kicked off in style as hundreds of people gathered the streets.
It was magical.

After the procession, we made our way in to the main arena where we were introduced by the carnival compere.
Yet again, we had another good turn out.

Queens tea was also lovely, and it was nice to catch up with the other courts.

One word to sum up the day; amazing :)

Burham on Crouch Carnival

This evening Georgia and I attended Burham on Crouch Carnival.
It was our first ever night carnival, and no other Clacton Court had ever been to Burnham on Crouch before, so we quite literally has no idea what to expect!!

We arrived in Burnham on Crouch and at 4:30 pm attended Queen's Tea which was being held at the the local Yacht Club.

Walking in to dining room was amazing, it was absolutely breathtaking and the view was beautifully surreal.
The surrounding water was clear and crisp, we could see yachts for miles out.

The food was delicious.
Thank you to the wonderful staff at the Yacht Club for preparing and presenting it so well.

Georgia and I spoke with the Mayor, the Club Captain, but also the lovely Court for 2015.

The procession began, it was very exciting.
The streets were packed solid, over 6000 people attended.

Our float looked stunning with all the fairy lights, courtesy of our wonderful drivers Jenine and Debbie Davey.

Once again, another Carnival was done for the year, and great fun was had by all

presentation evening

'So presentation evening is upon us, where has the time gone?!
Presentation evening is one of my favourite parts of being Carnival Queen.
I love handing out the money Carnival has raised to all these wonderful charities and causes which help to make a difference in our community.

Georgia and I loved speaking with the amazing charity volunteers, but also Scouts leaders who each give up their time so freely. It was heart warming to hear of how all these people's lives will change, all from a donation of money!

It was a very emotional night, and I found a tear in my eye when hearing all the stories of how the charities work, it's very rewarding to be a part of it.

Kerryalice xx

Harwich Guy Carnival

'Our last carnival!
Georgia and I were determined to go out with a bang, especially as it was the Harwich Guy Carnival, which was packed jam packed full of spooky fun.

As we arrived, we could see a whole line up of exciting and extravagant floats.
All of the costumes were incredible, I particularly liked the paper heads, they appeared very realistic which made the carnival even more magical.

As the carnival drew to a close, we were awarded 2nd place for Best Small Organisation, this was a lovely surprise, especially as it was our last carnival.

We had a fantastic night, and it was the perfect way to round off the procession season!

Kerryalice 😊'