2017 Clacton Carnival Queen Louise Primmer



Hello everybody, My name is Louise Primmer and I have the pleasure of being your Clacton Carnival Queen 2017 with my Beautiful Princesses Kaycie and Hannah.

I am18 and I am currently studying Level 2 Hairdressing at Colchester Institute. Although in September, I have a university place at University of Suffolk to study Film Productions as i hope that my future job is something in the film industry. Outside of College, I help organise socials for Camra Young Members as I am Tendrings Young Member officer.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Judges for picking me and the princesses for this years court. Also a big well done to Teegan, Leah and Jessie for last year, you lot did a amazing job.

Come see Kaycie, Hannah and I throughout the summer representing Clacton at other Carnivals and events. Don't forget that our carnival week starts on the 12th August starting with the Street Procession! Bring the summer on!

25/03/2017 Photo shoot the day after:

After last nights surreal events at selection night, I had the great opportunity in meeting up with Kaicie and Hannah to do a photo shoot for the newspaper. We had an amazing time taking photos and getting to know them more. As well as this, we got to meet and talk to our Chaperones for the year, Carol, Mandy, Jenine and Amy (who unfortunately couldn't make it today.) where they told us what would be happening throughout the year.


Dress Fitting- 18th April 2017!

Exactly 3 weeks after our first visit to Beautiful Brides, I was so excited to be able to try on my stunning dress for the first time. although it wasn't completely finished yet, it was amazing to be able to see how much they had done in the space of 3 weeks!

Thank you Beautiful Brides for making our dresses! It is something I am sure to treasure forever!

17/06/2017 Brightlingsea Carnival:

Today's the day! Our first carnival of the season. I woke up bright and early and got ready for the day ahead. When I was picked up, I travelled to Brightlingsea on my own as Carol, our chaperone, couldn't attend, so the princesses and I travelled in separate vehicles.


When I first arrived, I saw the amazing float, a big thank you to the Davey Family for designing the stunning float for our year ahead. The day went on and the weather was obviously on Brightlingsea's side today as it was extremely hot.


As the parade drew nearer, the judges came over and awarded me with 2nd for queen of queens, then what made the day better, was that they then came and awarded Kaycie and Hannah, my princesses, with 1st for Best court.  To win not just one thing, but two at our first carnival was amazing, I wasn't expecting it! We were absolutely thrilled!


As the procession lead of on its route, we were excited, I was in control of the music on the float so we were bouncing along to our favourite songs, along the route we saw familiar faces. The procession soon came to the end.


After we saw all the other courts in, we took photos and soon was off to queen teas where we had a bit of food and drink, and thanked Brightlingsea for inviting us to their amazing day. After one more talk to all the other courts, we said goodbye and headed back to Clacton.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Debbie for driving the float, Jenine and Mum for being our chaperones, Victoria and Ellamy for driving the girls, and Brightlingsea Carnival for inviting us!


Next week: Great Bentley Carnival!


24/06/2017 Great Bentley Carnival:


Today, the girls and I attended Great Bentley Carnival. After waking up early, Carol picked us all up just after 10.00 from Hannah's as her mum Victoria, very kindly offered to do all of our hairs for today. It was nice to be able to get ready with everyone.


When we arrived, we went to take some photos and spoke to the other courts until it was nearly time for judging,  we went then and sat on our float waiting for the judges to come around. Soon enough, the judges came and was asking questions about our float and dresses, including on when our carnival was.


After they had chance to go and speak to every court, the judges came back over and awarded us with 2nd best visiting court. We were all gob smacked! We weren't expecting to win anything!


The day went on, the carnival procession moved off and the weather stayed on our side today. As queen teas came to an end, we said goodbye to all the courts and went on our way.


I would like to thank Debbie, for driving the float, Carol and Jenine for being our chapperones for today and Victoria for doing our hair so nice.


Next event: Poster/Colouring presentation evening!


Colouring Competition Presentation Evening: 28/06/17


Tonight, Kaycie, Hannah and I had the privilege of giving the prizes to the winners for the Clacton Carnival Colouring Competition.


This year, the event was at Rascals, who were very kind to step in at last minute after our old sponsor had to drop out. All the entries were up to a very high standard so the Judges must have had a tough time with picking the winners!


It was nice to see so many people who came to the event, and with so many familiar faces who were on the committee was nice to see.


For me, Rascals could have not been a better place to hold the event, the owner had come over to us and talked to us about who were going to be in the mascot costumes and let us meet them beforehand as one of the princesses has a phobia of mascots, this couldn't of gone better as she was alright for the whole night because of this, we were all so happy.


After the prizes was presented, I went and sat with Carol and talked to her while Kaycie and Hannah had a go on the equipment. The night ended and it was time to go home. It could of not gone any better.


I would like to thank Carol for being our chaperone, all the winners for attending, the committee and a special thanks to Rascals.


Next Event: Witham Carnival!

Witham Carnival: 8th July 2017


Today, the Princesses and I attended Witham Carnival, I was especially really excited to attend as this would be my first time going. I got picked up around 8am by Victoria because she had kindly agreed to do all our hair again, she made us all look stunning, as usual! 2 hours later, we got in the car and began our journey to Witham.


As we got there after a long journey of singing and talking to one another, we were welcomed by both Witham courts as their carnival is a little different to ours where their old court also joins in. After talking to them for a little while, we walked around the field talking to the other courts that we had met already but also making sure we introduced ourselves to the other courts.


As we still had a while before judging, we began talking to Aliya and Scarlett, the court of Great Bentley, as they had an open roof car, and it was a nice a bright sunny day, they sat on our float with us. It wasn't long before judging began.


After a long wait of anticipation, the judges came back over and awarded us 1st Place for Best Visiting Court Float. We were absolutely thrilled as we didn't think we would win anything. It wasn't long then before the procession. As the procession came to the end and our hands hurt from waving at the busy crowds so much, it was so nice to see so many people who was out on the route.


As the day came to the end, and we had been in queen teas, we said goodbye to the other courts and headed back home.


I would like to thank the following people: Debbie, for driving our float, Jenine for being our chaperone, Ellamy for being our official driver for today, Victoria for doing our hair, Teegan, Last year’s Queen for coming and walking beside the float and all at Witham Carnival.


Next event: Raffle ticket selling at Little Clacton Morrisons!

Little Clacton Morrisons raffle ticket selling: 15/07/17


Myself and Princess Hannah this morning went and helped Debbie West sell raffle tickets for the Clacton Carnival Grand draw as Kaycie was unable to attend due to illness, we missed you! It was so nice to see so many people supporting the draw and buying tickets, some even brought whole books!


It was also nice to see some familiar faces who I had grown up around, some I haven't seen in years, including past queens for years back telling me what a wonderful experience being on the court was from them and wished us the best of luck.


Special thanks to: Carol and Debbie West for looking after us, Jenine for driving us there, Victoria for doing our hair, and anyone who brought a ticket or gave us money as all your support is wonderful, because of you, we raised £185!


I hope Princess Kaycie is feeling better now and will be alright for next Saturday as we are attending: Felixstowe Carnival!

Felixstowe Carnival: 22nd July 2017


(Louise) Unfortunatly i was ill in the early hours of the morning so My Princesses have written my diary for me


H: This morning we woke up to the sad news that our lovely Queen Louise was too poorly to come with us to Felixstowe Carnival. Kaycie and I decided to represent Clacton anyway, but we needed a stand-in Queen - which was a massive pink unicorn by the name of Star, which my aunt kindly loaned to us for the day. As Kaycie and I arrived at Felixstowe, we were greeted by their beautiful Carnival Court and had a photo with them.

K: We also got to meet a Carnival Court from Felixstowe's twin town in Germany. The German Court were all adults and wore ornate clothes that looked like actual royalty from mediaeval times. We were one of three Courts in the procession, but Felixstowe do not formally judge their visiting Courts so no prizes this time.

 H: My friend's majorette troupe, Urban Allstars, won first prize for the dance group category! The carnival itself was very long - two hours of waving but the sun shone for the whole time we were in the carnival which made our day. Star the Unicorn was extremely popular.

 K: After a cloudy start to the day the weather turned sunny just in time for the procession! Everyone was very friendly and as we went through the centre of town, they announced our float and advertised our carnival. Throughout the procession the people watching seemed so happy and gave it a real sense of community spirit, which I thought was brilliant. We had so many compliments and so many people said thank you to us for joining their procession. You could also hear lots of people reminiscing about Clacton and planning return visits. We had so much fun - before, during and after the carnival.

 Thank you to Vicky, Hannah's mum, for making our hair beautiful again; thanks to Debbie and Jenine, who chaperoned and drove our beautiful float; thank you to Ellie (my mum) for driving us to Felixstowe and back; thank you to everyone who visited the carnival, and special thanks to Star the Unicorn for being a fantastic addition to the float!


 (Louise) im feeling much Better now and im looking forward to our next event which is: