So as selection night for clacton carnival court 2013 is getting closer I thought I'll sum my year up of how being queen has been and what it has been like with my two princesses. 
Anyone who knows me would know I've always wanted to be a carnival princess and I finally got given then chance to be carnival queen in march 2012. When my name was announced I was surprised and a fears tears were shed. My two princesses for the year Zoe and Kerry-Alice have been such lovely girls from the start and they have made this experience s much better. And full of laughter may I add. Being able to represent clacton at various of events has been a privilege and may I say in my own opinion we did a good job! 

It has been such a good year, we got the public commenting on our dresses, how lovely we looked and how friendly we are. That made us so proud to hear that. Even got customers at work saying hi they were proud they were to have me as their queen this year. Even though we didn't win many prizes we didn't let that bother us because me, Kerry-Alice and Zoe still had fun and that was the main thing. I'm so happy that these two girls were picked as my princesses because they are amazing girls and I will miss them. It's going to be weird having to get ready instead of rushing around on a Saturday morning for carnivals.(yes I was always late and never ready) but at least I can say I've done that and be proud of myself and my princesses for what we did 

At lot of thanks does go to the committee for making carnival week successful and thank you for all their hard work throughout the year! Without these members there wouldn`t be a carnival! This has truly been an amazing year and its going to be sad when I give up my crown In a couple of weeks.

Clacton Carnival Court 2012 ♥
 — with Kerry-alice Hartnett and Zoe Pemberton.
queens 2012