The Clacton Carnival Committee

The Clacton Carnival Committee 2018

The Executive committee

Committee Chairman: Paul Townend

 Committee Vice Chairman: Alison Denby

Committee Secretary: Pat Stannard

Committee Tresurer: Linda Hills

Publicity Officer: Nicky Freeman

Other executive officers

Kerry Primmer

Susan Wiggins

Denis Barry-Smith


Event Coordinators and or Chairpersons

Queens Court Managers:

Carol Partridge

Jenine Davey


Queen's float:

Carnival friends Debbie and Dave Davey


Carnival Quizes:

Nicky Freeman

Carnival friend Adrian Robinson


Carnival Raffles:

Debbie West


Children's colouring competition:

Kerry Lashmore


Street Procession:

Kimberley Primmer


Carnival carboot:

Denis Barry-Smith


Donkey Derby:

Laura Durrant


Sandcastle Competition:

Susan Wiggins


Egg throwing competition and beer dig:

Denis Barry-Smith


Adventure golf:

Alan Penny


Fete and live music event:

Kerry Primmer


Childrens fancy dress:

Alison Denby


Half marathon and other races:

Nice Work in conjuction with Clacton Carnival



Clacton Carnival in association with 1st Clacton Scout group


Carnival website:

Kimberley Primmer

Nicky Freeman


and about another 30 hard working members from all over the local area.

Want to join our hard working committee? Use the 'Email us' page to send us an email about how to get involved!