Clacton Carnival Street Procession information and FAQs


This year our Street Procession will take place on Saturday 10th August 2024. Leaving West Road car park at 6pm, travelling along Marine Parade West and East and ending at Victoria Road.

Our street collection for 2024 will be for Clacton RNLI and other local chairites and organisations who assist us in the running of the procession.

In 2023, we collected £2,496.84 in the street procession!


What is the theme for 2024?

Our theme is 'Mother Nature's Natural World'. We believe that this is a great theme with lots of room for imagination!

Land or Sea? Going eco friendly? Celebrating our planets natural beauty?

We can't wait to see what you decide to decorate your float as!

Who can take part in the procession?

We welcome anyone to take part in the procession. Whether you are a charity, organisation, business, dance group or even a group of friends wanting to do something fun.

Why should I take part in the procession?

We get thousands of people every year who come to watch our procession. What a great way to advertise your business, charity or organisation to a great big audience for only £10/£25!

You also get the fun of creating a float and have the pride of knowing you've helped a whole range of local charities and organisations by helping us collect for them.

How can I enter?

To enter, all you need to do is download and fill out your entry form. These can be returned to the address on the top of the form.

Please send the required payment at the same time as your form.

Entry forms can be found here.

Do I need a big float to take part?

NO! You can use anything and your imagination to create a float. In the past we have seen trailors behind a bike, decorate a child's pram or buggy, a wheelbarrow and lots more!

If you want to join us but are worried about not having a big lorry to take part, then there are lots of other options for you to do instead and we love to see them!



Is there an entry fee?

Yes. £10 per vehicle for those in class A (With a charity number) and £25 per vehicle for classes B, C and X.

Can I collect for my own charity?

No. All monies must be handed to Clacton Carnival Association LTD at the end of the procession, as per our collection licence that we hold on the day.

For 2024, the collection from the street procession will be going to Clacton RNLI and charities who assist Carnival during the carnival week events.

What entry class should I go in?

A- This is our class for charities and  voluntary organisations who have a charity number.

B- This is our humorous and non-charitable group, which is aimed towards dancing schools, family groups, nurseries etc.

C- This group is for businesses, local trades and industries. Such as shops, driving schools etc.

F- This group is for our majorette and cheerleading troops.

X- We do encourage our participants to get involved with the theme to make our carnival as fun and colourful as possible. However if you do not wish to get judged, please select this class.

Can I hand things out during the procession?

Yes. You are allowed to hand out things such as leaflets, sweets, flags etc. However please ensure these are only handed out by walkers and not thrown from floats. Please see the rules in the entry forms for more details.

Do I need to complete an entry form?

Yes. All entrants need to complete an entry form and return it back in order to take part. This ensures that we know you have read the rules and guidance and that we have your information if we need to contact you with carnival information. (We will only ever use your contact details for carnival correspondance)

Who Can I contact for more information?

If you would like more information, please email Kimberley at


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